49 easy Christmas recipes anyone can make

Take the stress out of cooking this Christmas with these easy-yet-impressive festive recipes. With starters, mains, sides and desserts, we have your Christmas menu all wrapped up!


This quick and easy festive no-cook salmon wreath makes a perfect starter and is ready in only 30 minutes.


For an easy make-ahead Christmas dessert, you can’t beat these fresh and festive ice-cream sandwiches, made from sweetened condensed milk.

3Easy bacon, pesto and haloumi bites

5 ingredients are all you need to make these super easy bacon, pesto and haloumi bites.

4No-baste cider-glazed ham

Nothing says Christmas lunch like a glazed ham. Try this simplified ‘no-baste’ option which is easier to make and allows more time to relax.

5Cheat’s mango cheesecake dessert cups

For an easy summer dessert that’s ready in less than 5 minutes, you can’t beat these no-bake mango cheesecake cups.

6Jingle juice

Make it a toast with the most with this Christmas-inspired cranberry and pomegranate cocktail.

7Broccoli and bacon salad with creamy dressing

Loaded with bacon and broccoli, and covered in a creamy mustard dressing, this simple salad really is the best ever. Plus, it’s ready in just 15 minutes.

8Easy Christmas biscuits

Recruit handy little helpers to make these easy Christmas biscuits.

9Slow-cooker spice-rubbed turkey breast with crunchy potatoes

Make your slow-cooker do all the work with our amazing spice-rubbed turkey breast, served with crunchy potatoes.

10Quick chicken, cranberry and brie canapes

For an easy finger food recipe, you can’t look past these cheesy chicken pastry bites, made from only six ingredients.

11Microwave Christmas coconut fudge

Using sweetened condensed milk, this easy-to-make white coconut fudge will be the sweetest gift this Christmas.

12Bocconcini and tomato pasta salad

With 8 layers of ingredients and pesto aioli dressing, this easy layered pasta salad is anything but ordinary.

13French onion stuffing balls

Recreate the way you serve traditional Christmas stuffing with these bite-size bacon and mushroom balls.

Maple butter turkey with 3-ingredient stuffing

14Maple butter turkey with 3-ingredient stuffing

The sweet glaze on the turkey is a delicious contrast to the sour cherry flavours in the stuffing and gravy. The simple grain-based stuffing is packed with flavour, too.

15Garlic and herb butter smashed potatoes

Take crispy roast potatoes to new heights by covering them in a delicious garlic and herb butter, and parmesan, before baking.

Cheat's mini berry jelly trifle

16Cheat’s mini berry jelly trifle

These individual make-ahead trifles are the easy answer to Christmas dessert with friends.

Ginger cream biscuit log

17Ginger cream biscuit log

If you love ripple cake and gingerbread at Christmas time, you’ll love this easy no-cook dessert. Super easy to make with just a handful of ingredients, it’ll be the highlight of your festive feast.

Loaded Mexican dip

18Loaded Mexican dip

For the perfect party starter tuck into this fully loaded Mexican dip.

Strawberry shortcake fridge cake

19Strawberry shortcake fridge cake

Get ahead this Christmas and try this easy strawberry shortcake fridge cake.

Cheat's chocolate blocks

20Cheat’s chocolate blocks

Mix and match your favourite toppings with these super easy festive chocolate blocks.

Warm potato salad with cheesy sauce

21Warm potato salad with cheesy sauce

Cheesy sauce and crispy bacon makes this potato salad extra special.

Smoky bourbon nibble mix

22Smoky bourbon nibble mix

Roasted in a smoky bourbon marinade this super easy nibble mix is the perfect Christmas gift.

Sticky hasselback pumpkin

23Sticky hasselback pumpkin

We’ve swapped potatoes with pumpkin to create a mouthwatering side your guests will love.

Easy choc ripple wreath

24Easy choc ripple wreath

Add the wow factor to your Christmas table with this easy choc ripple wreath. Assemble the day before with biscuits and cream – no cooking, no stress – then just decorate on the day.

Peach Melba punch

25Peach Melba punch

For a drink everyone can enjoy try this fruity no-alcohol punch.

The best roast potatoes

26The best roast potatoes

Light and fluffy on the inside and golden and crunchy on the outside, these spuds really are the best.

Christmas ice-cream cake

27Christmas ice-cream cake

This super easy ice cream cake is the perfect showstopping Christmas dessert.

Easy traditional christmas cake

28Easy traditional christmas cake

Start this traditional fruit cake recipe two days earlier to ensure it’s ready for your big Christmas feast.

Coconut rum balls

29Coconut rum balls

Give a gift to remember this festive season with these easy Coconut rum balls.

Whole snapper with herb pesto and crispy potatoes

30Whole snapper with herb pesto and crispy potatoes

A wonderful, gluten-free baked fish option for easy entertaining.

Choc-caramel sparkling strawberry trifle

31Choc-caramel sparkling strawberry trifle

Have yourself a berry merry Christmas with this divine dessert.

Ferrero rocher ice-cream cake

32Ferrero rocher ice-cream cake

Impress with this spectacular Ferrero rocher ice-cream cake. It’s surprisingly simple to make.

Christmas rocky road slab

33Christmas rocky road slab

Treat your family and friends to this delicious Christmas rocky road slab filled with oreos, marshmallows and Cherry Ripe.

Easiest-ever gingercake house

34Easiest-ever gingercake house

This gingerbread house has a twist – it’s a cake! So it’s much easier to make than you think.

Champagne oysters

35Champagne oysters

Start your celebration dinner with these fabulous champagne oysters.

Chewy meringue and mango sorbet cake

36Chewy meringue and mango sorbet cake

This cake is a twist on pavlova. Use your favourite fruit such as kiwi fruit and strawberries. You could also use frozen yoghurt instead of sorbet.

Roast turkey with bacon and tarragon stuffing

37Roast turkey with bacon and tarragon stuffing

Be tempted by roast turkey filled with a tasty tarragon and bacon stuffing.

Honey-roasted vegetables with hazelnut and goat's cheese

38Honey-roasted vegetables with hazelnut and goat’s cheese

These honey-roasted vegetables are the perfect accompaniment for your glazed ham or roast turkey.

Sweet potato and onion Wellington

39Sweet potato and onion Wellington

For impressive vegetarian entertaining, try this sweet potato and onion combination baked in buttery layers of puff pastry.

Caramel-glazed ham with pineapple relish

40Caramel-glazed ham with pineapple relish

Give maple and honey a rest this festive season and make this caramel-glazed ham instead. Served with a summery pineapple relish, it’ll be the highlight of your Christmas feast.

PIMM'S fizz

41PIMM’S fizz

A fizzy punch perfect for a garden party or gathering of friends.

Potato, pea and mint salad with creamy yoghurt dressing

42Potato, pea and mint salad with creamy yoghurt dressing

The easy potato salad uses store-bought ingredients, combined with fresh in-season produce, to create a vibrant side ready in no time.

Layered Christmas pasta salad

43Layered Christmas pasta salad

Add colour and spark to your Christmas feast with this layered pasta salad recipe.

Mango chilli salad dressing

44Mango chilli salad dressing

Try this mango chilli salad dressing with a grilled prawn, cos lettuce and red onion salad.

Cheat's choc-cherry ice-cream sundae cake

45Cheat’s choc-cherry ice-cream sundae cake

A spectacular Cherry Ripe ice-cream cake, made with a store-bought chocolate cake, will become a festive favourite with both big and little kids.

Layered crunchy noodle salad

46Layered crunchy noodle salad

Layers of wombok cabbage, carrots and other fresh vegetables make this Asian shredded salad a vibrant centrepiece.

Watermelon salad stars

47Watermelon salad stars

Turn fresh watermelon and creamy feta into a savoury Christmas starter with this super-simple recipe idea.

Antipasto rolls

48Antipasto rolls

Get the party started with these easy vegetarian antipasto rolls.

Mile-high loaded coleslaw

49Mile-high loaded coleslaw

We’re taken traditional coleslaw to new heights with this layered made-to-share version. Served with a creamy dressing and lots of bacon, it will be a winner with everyone.

Crispy garlic and thyme boulangere potatoes

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