Yoga Guru BKS KRISHNAMACHAR SUNDARRAJA IYENGAR was born in Bellur village in Karnataka in South India in Dec-14,1918.

It was the time when entire world was reeling with pandemic Spanish Flu exactly 100 years ago.Nearly 50 crore people was affected in the entire world and in India the figure was 1 crore 70 Lakh.Nearly 5 crore people had died in the entire world.The entire village of Bellur was affected by the pandemic,but some how born to a very poor family he had managed to survive.

BKS had began practicing yoga at the age of 16 for health reasons.Latter his teacher, guru,and brother in law T Krishnamacharya sent him to Pune to teach and promote yoga.He settled in Pune and in the year 1975 had opened his own yoga school.

In 1952 he met the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin an encounter that would change his life completely.Menuhin became his disciple and invited Iyengar to Switzerland and then to London.This was the first in a long series of trips and stays in Europe and United States where he taught and promoted yoga.As a result Iyengar reputation spread throughout the West.

BKS devoted his life to the study and intense practice of yoga based on principles laid out by Lord Patanjali in the yoga sutras.BKS sought to make these principles more accessible and went about adapting and updating them to address the needs of modern society.He defined yoga as an”Art,Science and Philosophy”.He continued this quest tirelessly more than 75 years.

BKS played a prominent role in the introduction of yoga to the West.In 2004 Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

“I would like to practice yoga until my last breath,as a humble service to yoga.My own wish is to pray before God, surrendering my last breath in yogic posture”.

This great soul had left us forever in August 20th,2014.

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