A Tribute To My Spiritual Mother(Pravrajika Shraddhaprana & Holy Mother Ma Sarada)

It was in May 2004.Due to some family issues both I and my mother were in a deep agony. We were not finding the mental peace at all.My maternal Aunt Late Smt Purabi Basu was her disciple. We had decided to visit her at Dakshineswar Sri Sarada Math on first week of May in the year 2004.We met her. We requeted her for our Diksha. She agreed to give Diksha to my mother and said,’Why are you come to me so late!’ But she had refused me and said go to Gahanandaji at Kashipur Uddan Bati. But I was trying to persuade her and said,’Both of us will take Diksha from here only’. Finally she agreed and decided Diksha date would be on 11th of May,2004. On the penaltimate day she incarnated to both of us.

We met again 3 to 4 times before she had passed away in 2009. One thing she said before taking any decision look at your consciousness.It would help you.

At that I had married in April 2008 and my elder daughter was born on January,2009.

On middle of 2009 I had a serious differences with my wife and we were approaching for a divorce.I had written a letter to her about our problem.

She replied in the Materialistic world,’All are not well’,’Pray to Lord Ramakrishna and Holy Mother Ma Sarada Devi’. Latter she was no more.After Aug-2012 my mother had passed away and I and my wife had decided to give a try for the second time.Our younger daughter was born on June-2014 and we are living happily now.

One thing I must say Mataji was a soft-spoken & straight forward person and by a mere smile,she had enjoyed our heart.

On this occation of Mother’s Day I am expressing deep gratitute to her.

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