WORLD WIDE PHENOMENONThis protest is going on from Germany to Brazil & from United Kingdom to Chile Corona virus related protests are increasing day by day.In United States it has generated attention in Michigon,Ohio,Kentucky, Minnesota,North Carolina,Utah & elsewhere in the U.S.Thousands of people from Latin America to Europe have demonstrated aggressive government policies intended to curb Corona virus outbreaks.But there are striking similarity between U.S. & demonstrations in different parts of the world.There is no direct connection in these rallies but grievances over Lockdown mean for freedom & quality of life beyond American shores.The Corona virus and the response of the government have created global fault lines between those who want government to provide a sense of normalcy and those who want to mitigate Covid-19 lethal risks.In these protests there are two categories:First Catagory:-It focuses how governments are implementing anti-corona virus measures-lockdown and how long it will last e.g they are about for freedom.Second Category:-It is all about economic devastation caused by lockdown.Economic resources providing by the government only to vulnerable sections of the society by giving food & other social welfare measures.This makes hungry & disenfranchised citizens in to streets to express their frustrations.Many of these rallies were about Government failing to provide basic services for people or government agencies are infringing on the rights of the citizens.In Germany thousands demonstrate in to main urban areas including the capital Berlin of the country against the shutdown.Small protests in the U.K against the lockdown also sprang up.In Brazil there were also protests for democracy & respect.In Chile protesters do not like lockdown at all & there primary concern is lack of food available to them.The worldwide protest are not a United effort.They are mainly how governments are tackling lockdowns & people’s struggle with the government policies in different parts of the world.

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