It is a herbal supplement derived from India’s Ayurvedic Medicine  called Ayurveda.

Recognition in United States

Ayurvedic Medicine is recognized as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine by the National Institutes of Health in the United States.



Contribution of India towards Ayurbed

  It is one of the medical practices .

  In India nearly(900 million people) relies on Ayurveda.

It is about 80% of the population.

  • That’s more than the populations of North America and South America combined!

Common Results Expected:-

Ayur Gold’s proprietary

formulation contains 279

natural phytonutrients that

exert 544 synergistic

activities on your body. 

Many of these phytonutrients

are widely recognized for their

contribution to Blood Health.

How to take Ayur Gold?

By taking one capsule in the mornings

and one capsule in the evenings,

these nutrients will continually

work in your body to promote

Blood Health.  

Over a period of 4 to 6 months

in conjunction with proper

diet and lifestyle,

you should experience

improvement in fasting blood

glucose and insulin levels.  

Our health advisors will

follow-up with you on a

monthly basis to monitor your

progress and address your

health concerns.

* Results do vary.

  Ayur Gold does not work the

same way for everyone. 

You might experience no

improvement at all.

  If for some reason you are not

completely satisfied after

trying AyurGold for 4 months,

we will provide a 110%

refund – no questions asked.


Information:  Ayur Gold is a

natural herbal supplement that

does not require a doctor’s


 Ayur Gold is a 100% Herbal

Extracts Only Formulation

comprised of the following

botanicals that are considered

safe for human consumption

by the regulatory authorities of

the USA, Singapore, and India:

Warning:  Please be aware of

the following.

Women should not take Ayur

Gold during pregnancy or


Ayur Gold is not intended for

use by persons under 18.

Persons with infertility

problems should not take


Dosage:  One 500 mg capsule,

twice a day after meals. 

It is best to take one capsule in

the mornings after breakfast

and one capsule in the

evenings after dinner. 

Time Frame:  While Ayurvedic

Medicine does produce

positive results in the short

term, it typically takes about 4

months for most benefits to be


We recommend you try

Ayur Gold for a period of 4 to 6

months to help promote

healthy fasting blood glucose

and insulin levels. 

This time frame is necessary to

counteract imbalances in your

body that probably took 4 to 6

decades to transpire.

What is the testimonials?

Testimonials :-

Hi, I’ve been taking Ayur Gold

for nearly two months now.

Before I take AyurGold, my

sugar levels was very high

, I have to urinate frequently,

maybe by the hour.

Ok, before I took Ayur Gold, I’ve

been very poorly and sick.

While I was taking it, but that’s

only after 5 days, my sugar

levels came down and I was

feeling great, and my blurred

vision slightly improved.

And after been taking it for two

weeks, maybe two months, my

sugar levels have basically

come down to about 6.1.

I don’t have to urinate

frequently, maybe every other,

every 6 hours or so.

And this product has worked

very quick and effectively, I

have taken other supplements,

and basically they took very

long time to work, if they

actually did work.

Sharif – England, UK

What are the benefits of Ayur Gold?

Ayur Gold is a natural

supplement geared towards

optimizing the management of

your blood chemistry.  It will:

Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Support Healthy Pancreas and Liver Function

Promote Regular Metabolism

Sustain your Lipid Profile

Nurture Hormonal Balance

Ayur Gold promotes healthy

blood sugar levels by

supporting pancreas and liver


100% Herbal Extracts Formulation

How it is available?

60 500mg Capsules per Box
(Dosage 2 Capsules per Day)
Common Name Raw Herb Equivalent
per 500 mg

Capsule Primary Benefits
Bitter Melon
500 mg

Supports normal glucose uptake
2,000 mg

Promotes healthy kidney function
Chebulic Myrobalan
225 mg

Bolsters β-cells of Langerhans
225 mg

Promotes healthy pancreas function
450 mg

Promotes healthy pancreas function
Bael Tree
240 mg

Promotes healthy pancreas function
400 mg

Supports healthy kidney function
400 mg

Maintains healthy liver glucose output
350 mg

Nurtures regular glucose metabolism
350 mg

Supports normal glucose uptake
Holy Basil
400 mg

Bolsters healthy glucose tolerance
100 mg

Supports healthy liver function
Indian Kino Tree
200 mg

Nurtures pancreatic beta cells
150 mg
Maintains β-cells of Langerhans

Ayur Gold’s proprietary

formulation contains 279

natural phytonutrients that

exert 554 synergistic activities

on your body.

Many of these phytonutrients

are widely recognized for their

contribution to Healthy Blood

Sugar Levels.

For example:

Chromium – Can decrease

fasting blood glucose, insulin

levels, and glycosylated

hemoglobin (HbA1c) and

increase insulin sensitivity in

people with type 2 diabetes


Higher dietary magnesium

intake is associated with lower

fasting insulin concentrations

in adults and obese children

and a reduced risk of

developing type 2 diabetes

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