What could be better than starting your day with a video of baby elephants? Sheldrick Wildlife Trust posted a short clip of Lapa – a “very special baby” elephant – on Twitter and the internet cannot get enough of him.

In the clip, Lapa played in the sandpit in the Tsavo East National Park as his family members watched over him. The baby elephant rolled in the sand and made the most of his time.

“Tsavo East National Park is Lapa’s schoolyard and, just like any playground, there is always a sandpit to play in. He’s a very special baby, born to an orphaned #elephant we rescued, raised and returned to the wild,” Sheldrick Wildlife Trust said in the caption of their post.

The internet loved the video, quite obviously, as it has collected 1600 likes and over 9,000 views. People shared their thoughts in the comments section of the post and described Lapa as an adorable baby.

“It’s always wonderful to watch how an entire herd gathers to protect a baby. Even the young one is determined to be a protector, pushing the big female out of the way as if to say, ‘No, it’s my turn to watch over the baby’,” a user said.

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