Vaccines are made by taking viruses or bacteria and weakening them so that they can’t reproduce or replicate themselves. A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease.A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed fromContinue reading “COVID-19 VACCINES HOW FAR”


Date:12-05-2020 A tribute to ‘Lady With The Lamp’ Today is 12th May.Today is the 200th Birth Anniversary of Lady With The Lamp-Florence Nightingale and founder of Modern Nursing.Her relevance today cannot be understated given Current Covid-19 pandemic all over the world. Nightingale(1820-1910) who had considerable mathematical & statistical skills is credited the first health careContinue reading “LOCKDOWN DIARY”

LOCKDOWN DIARY(Significance and importance of National Technology Day)

Date:11-05-2020 Life is as usual going on.But today is a important day for all Indians.Today is the ‘National Technology Day’.On this day in the year 1998 during the Buddha Purnima at Pokhran India had exploded 5 Atom Bombs successfully. One of the explotion was Hydrogen Bomb.Previously India had tried it but due to the presenceContinue reading “LOCKDOWN DIARY(Significance and importance of National Technology Day)”


OPERATION RESEARCH Decision making is one of the main activity of a manager or executive.The ultimate goal of all such decisions is to maximise the desired benefit or minimise the effort value. Definitions:-It is the use of scientific methods to provide criteria for decisions regarding man,machine,systems involving repetitive operations. Objective;-It is to provide scientific basisContinue reading “INTRODUCTION OF STATISTICS:”

Knotty Boy-3(Winter Vaccation)

This timeline of this story was during Jan-Feb,1980.I was promoted to Standard-V.Results of my Annual Examination had been just declared.School was open.Saraswati Puja had just completed.There was no pressure from the School curriculum.The Pakistani Cricket Team was in Calcutta. The Captain of Pakistani side was Asif Iqbal and his Indian counterpart was Sunil Gavaskar.Imram KhanContinue reading “Knotty Boy-3(Winter Vaccation)”


Date: 10-05-2020 Today is Sunday. Entire World is celebrating Mother’s Day. I have lost my mother 8 years ago. Today is the day everyone is remembering their mother. I am remembering many Nostaljia with my mother. But the situation in my state and country are becoming grim.Covid-19 Pandemic is taking it’s toll.In West Bengal 185Continue reading “LOCKDOWN DIARY”

A Tribute To My Spiritual Mother(Pravrajika Shraddhaprana & Holy Mother Ma Sarada)

It was in May 2004.Due to some family issues both I and my mother were in a deep agony. We were not finding the mental peace at all.My maternal Aunt Late Smt Purabi Basu was her disciple. We had decided to visit her at Dakshineswar Sri Sarada Math on first week of May in theContinue reading “A Tribute To My Spiritual Mother(Pravrajika Shraddhaprana & Holy Mother Ma Sarada)”


A Tribute to My Mother Today is Mothers’ Day. I had lost my mother on Aug-5,2012.I belong to a Lower Middle Class family in the Eastern Parts of India in the State of West Bengal.I think my mother is special to me.Specially after her death I have realise the most.She was very soft-spoken lady andContinue reading “Mother’Day”


Date:09-05-2020 Today is another day of Lockdown.Life is going as usual.Today morning I was out to bring milk and Calcium Lactate. Milk was easily available but I have to face problems to purchase Calcium Lactate packets.By venturing 4 to 5 shops finally I got them from one. In the breakfast the item was tea withContinue reading “LOCKDOWN DIARY”

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