Experience of giving a bribe for the ‘First Time’

This the story around mid ’90s’.Due to severe heart attack my father was admitted to Cardiology Department one and only super specialy hospital of Government of West Bengal.His condition was very serious.He was in’ ICCU’ for 4 days.Then he was shifted to General Bed.The supervision was very stick in the General Bed as well.The PatientContinue reading “Experience of giving a bribe for the ‘First Time’”


This is a story of a Knotty boy.Time was in mid ’80’s.The place was Eastern Parts of India.In those days flat culture was totally absent in that parts of India.Every house in that area had a vaccant land with 1 to 2 kottahs atleast.In that vaccant land familes used to grow vegetables.The family of KnottyContinue reading “STORY OF A KNOTTY BOY(NO-2)”


This is a story of a old man of Eastern Parts of India.It was the time of early ’90s’. In those days there was the problem of getting a LPG connection.The family had in the queue for last 10 years.At last they had got a call from local Gas Agengy.But they got the connection notContinue reading “STORY OF A OLD MAN”

Story of a Knotty Boy

No:1 There was a Knotty Boy.Who had lived with his Parents and elder sister in the Eastern Parts of India. In there family his paternal uncle was lived with them. He was a bachelor.By profession he was a School Teacher.During the Summer Vaccation in the middle of May all three of them,the boy,his elder sisterContinue reading “Story of a Knotty Boy”


Date 08-05-2020 Today is Friday.Birthday of a Great Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore.Life is going as usual.No change.Lockdown is going on.In this hour of crisis,Public Distribution System in my state is working patheticly.Ration cards of 7 months are pending.Local councilor is not cooperating. Send us to office of Borough No-5 of local corporation.It is around 11:30Continue reading “LOCKDOWN DIARY”

My Diary during lockdown

07-05-2020 Today I got up from bed around 8 P.M. No office. No busyness.Every thing seems to be halted.I was out to collect dailly necessities such as Milk,Biscuit,Curd etc. Today is the Birthday of Lord Buddha. No question of non-vegetarian lunch. My locality has declared hotspot zone. Shops are closing around 10 A.M.Horible news ofContinue reading “My Diary during lockdown”

EXPERIENCE DURING LOCKDOWN Is Corona Virus man made or from nature!No one knows.The problem with communist regime is they never speak the truth.China should allow World Community to visit Wuan Lab.China & WHO should be made accountable. Almost 200 countries from all the continent are facing this menace. Corona is unique as transmission spreads fromContinue reading

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