In your dose of happy news for the day, a group of mountain bikers helped rescue a dog who had been stuck inside a sinkhole for several days. However, the way the good boy was saved will bring a smile to your face.

According to Associated Press, a group of mountain bikers were on the North Carolina trail when they spotted the dog. The animal was trapped inside a 30-feet-deep sinkhole, and it took a salty snack and some straps to bring him to safety.

The group was riding the Sinkhole Trail at Pisgah National Forest, about 50 miles (80 kilometres) south of Asheville, on Sunday. There they found the dog, who reportedly had been stuck inside the hole for several days, according to Burke County Search and Rescue.

The bikers immediately called for help and brought the rescuers to the stranded animal. The rescuers then went inside the sinkhole and enticed the starving and dehydrated animal with some beef jerky. After that, they used a harness to bring the dog to safety.

The rescuers even posted about the operation on their Facebook page. Take a look:

 ANIMAL RESCUE *** This afternoon Burke Rescue was requested to assist with a dog trapped at the bottom of a sinkhole in the Pisgah National Forest!

A group of mountain bikers just happened to stop and take a rest along the trail. They noticed the dog trapped 30ft down in a sinkhole less than 6ft wide. Rescuers and Burke County Animal Enforcement hiked a mile and a half to reach the dogs location. One rescuer repelled into the sinkhole, made contact and was able to win th…

The rescuers also said that the animal was not injured, but was starving and dehydrated from many days.

He was taken to Burke County Animal Services for an examination, where for now he has been named Sinker. Officials said that he did not have a collar or a microchip, and if owners are not found, he could be placed for adoption.

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