The Eiffel Tower is ready to welcome back visitors after the Covid-19 and lockdown, but they will need to be fit: because of on going concerns about infection, the elevators will initially be off-limits.

Workers at the Parisian landmark, which looms 324 metres (1,062 feet) over the French capital, were on Wednesday making preparations to reopen on June 25, after three months of shutdown. It has been the site’s longest period out of action since World War Two.

Managers said they hoped to get operations fully back to normal later in the summer. In the meantime, a series of SOP( Standard Operating Procedure) will be in place.

Visitors will not be able to go any higher than the second level of the tower, and until the start of July access will be only via the staircases. The elevators, with their confined space, represent a risk of disease transmission.

There will also be a one-way traffic system in force on the staircases, and all visitors over the age of 11 will be required to wear a mask or face shield.

To attract people, the most important thing is that security measures are taken, and that’s why the authorities are promoting physical distances,

But foreign travel yet to recover from restrictions put in place to slow the Covid-19 infections most of the visitors would in the initial stage be domestic.

For the French People, this is the moment to come to the Eiffel Tower according to French Authorities.

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