Experience of giving a bribe for the ‘First Time’

This the story around mid ’90s’.Due to severe heart attack my father was admitted to Cardiology Department one and only super specialy hospital of Government of West Bengal.His condition was very serious.He was in’ ICCU’ for 4 days.Then he was shifted to General Bed.The supervision was very stick in the General Bed as well.The Patient party was allowed to visit from 4P.M. to 6P.M. in the evening.One day House Staff of his department told me,’come tomorrow morning,I will insert a Channel on his right hand and it will be beneficial to him as it will reduce his pain’.The advice was given to me verbally and it was not written on prescription.Next morning when I had approached to the Security Staff on the entrance he said,’Where is your Prescription?,nothing is written on it and I cannot allow you’.I had tried my level best to persuade him but failed. Suddenly a man came to me and said,’He is not allowing you to go inside,isn’t it’.I said,’Yes’ ‘he is not listening, I have to insert a Channel on my father’s Right Hand’.He told me ‘Do one thing,fold a Two Rupee Note as much as you can and hit his palm with your palm and see the trick’.I did that and allowed to enter my father’s bed and the Doctor inserted a injection channel on my father’s Right Hand and his pain from injection was substancially reduced.

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