Who needs a nip and tuck when you’ve got these

With International Yoga Day coming up soon, all focus is bending and contorting according to the various asanas to build endurance and strengthen the body. Don’t be too surprised when we tell you that yoga is for the face as well. You heard us right! The human face has 43 muscles and just as the halasana and shavasana exert the various muscles of the body, those in the face need to be exercised too. Not for nothing, mind you. Facial yoga can tighten the neckline, smoothen the jaw and relax crow’s feet. Who needs a quick nip and tuck when you’ve got this, am I right?

5 Face Yoga Exercises To Try At Home

Try these facial yoga exercises for yourself at home.

1. For Your Chin And Neck

Point your chin upwards, touch your tongue to the palette of your mouth, smile broadly and swallow. Repeat this motion slowly 4 to 5 times. This exercise exerts the muscle used to chew as well as the one surrounded the neck and collarbone.

2. For Your Laugh Lines

Use your finger tips to pull the face upwards at both temples. Shape your mouth into an O then stretch it out. Repeat this motion 3 to 4 times. It shapes the folds from your nose where your cheeks begin.

3. For Crow’s Feet

Hold two fingers right above each of your temples where it’s close to the hairline and pull up on the skin. Repeat this motion 5 times. It works on the outer corners of the eyes where fine lines emerge.


Yoga will benefit your face greatly

4. For Your Cheeks

Fill your cheeks full of air. Now circulate this air from one cheek to the other a couple of times and finally release. Repeat 4 to 5 times. This tones your cheek muscles to avoid them from sagging later.

5. For Your Forehead

Make both your hands into a fist and place them facing inwards on the centre of your forehead. Slide each fist down the forehead to its respective side of the temple. Repeat this 3 to 4 times. It works to smoothen lines on the forehead.

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