Immune system is the complex collection of cells and chemicals that constantly defends our body against invading pathogen including bacteria,virus and toxins.

Developing a healthy immune system by the entire year is the key to prevent infection and disease.Maintaining a healthy life style choices by consuming nutritous foods and getting enough sleep and exercise are the most important ways to boost our immune system.

There are 15 options which helps to boister our immunity potential.

1)Vitamin-D:-It is a fat soluble ingredients, essential for our immune system.Any one can derive it from direct sunlight

2)Zinc:- It is a mineral helpful for our immune system.It develops the immune cells and beneficial for anti-inflammatory response in the body.Any one can consume ZINC tablet for the benefits given above.

3)Vitamin C:- It helps to function various immune cells and enhance the ability to protect against infection.Naturally we can consume it by taking different citrus fruits.

4) Astragalur:-It is a plant extracts helps in respiratory infections.

5)Elderbery:- Black elderbary has long used for treating infections from ancient times.

6) Medicinal Mushrooms:-It has the potential to prevent infections.

7)Selenium:- It is a mineral.It helps to improve our immune system.

8)Licorise:-It has a property named Glycyrrhizin which helps to prevent viral infection.

9)Andrographis:-It is a herb helpful for to prevent respiratory infections.

10)Pelargronium:- It is a plant extracts helps in respiratory diseases.

11) Garlic:-It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

12) Vitamin B Complex:- Vitamin B1 to B6 has the immune response properties.

13)Curcumin:- This element is found in Termeric and has powerful response against anti-inflammatory properties.

14) Echinacea:- It helps to prevent respiratory inflammation.

15) Propolis:-This element is present in Honey and has impressive immune enhancing effects.

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