We love it when we watch humanity is the winner again. One such clip of a man saving a possum from getting washed away during rain. . The endearing story might reinstate your faith in humanity. How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is. The little creature saved from being washed away in pouring rain. The present pandemic infested world needs more people like him.

This Clip shows little creature stranded in the middle of a road during heavy rains as the  water flowed heavily down the road.A man can be seen stranding on the side of the road. He then taken off his T shirt and goes up to the animal and pick it up. He does so with help of his T-Shirt and then runs for shelter.The way the promptly went to save the little animal without any second thoughts left us amazed.

I overwhelmed by gratitude towards this unknown Hero for his Excellent Work.

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