Knotty Boy-3(Winter Vaccation)

This timeline of this story was during Jan-Feb,1980.I was promoted to Standard-V.Results of my Annual Examination had been just declared.School was open.Saraswati Puja had just completed.There was no pressure from the School curriculum.The Pakistani Cricket Team was in Calcutta.

The Captain of Pakistani side was Asif Iqbal and his Indian counterpart was Sunil Gavaskar.Imram Khan was in tremendous form in bowling department.The venue was Eden Gardens,Calcutta.

In those days only rich people could afford of watching Television. I did not had that previlege.So I with my other four friends,Subai,Luna,Raju & Goutam had decided to watch the Test Match in Kalu’s house.But the match was boring.One after another Indian Wickets were fallen.Kalu told us let venture for Pomelo fruits from their next door neighbour’s tree. There was plenty of Pomelo fruits hanging from the tree.Kalu entered their garden by plucking them one afer another and throwing them to us one by one.Total count was ‘8’.All of us came back after venturing.Jethima(Kalu’s mother) gave us salt and sugar.We cherished them gracefully.

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