Today is another day of Lockdown.Life is going as usual.Today morning I was out to bring milk and Calcium Lactate. Milk was easily available but I have to face problems to purchase Calcium Lactate packets.By venturing 4 to 5 shops finally I got them from one.

In the breakfast the item was tea with muri(puffed rice)with Chanacur(fried gram salted and spiced). Later I use to eat Chana(cheese curds). Calcium Lactate is added to milk to make Chana(cheese curds).

In the Lunch the menu was Rice with fried Pumpkin,with fried Cauliflower and Potato curry and Mango Chatney(Sauce).The menu is totaly Veg today.

In the evening I have to bring Roti(Chapati) from nearby house.

The menu in the Dinner is Roti(Chapati) with Cauliflower & Potato curry with Sweets(Pantua).

All the streets,lanes, bylanes are in a deserted look.No human is there. Only street dogs are present. Lockdown is enforced stickly from 7P.M to 7 A.M in my locality.

Television News Channels are highlighting only news related to Carona Pandemic.Different experts are giving their views.All seem to make assumption from data but there are many loopholes.Testing is not adequately done.However house to house Servey Report is out in the State.There are 92000 persons have respiratory problem.All SARI(Severe Acquired Respiratory Illness),ILI(Influenza Like Illness) patients are taken care off. But do not know whether the State Government observation is right or wrong.Rumours are spreading fast.I only hope there will be no fullstop in life.As Human we will definitely conquer the Covid-19 and we will overcome Covid-19 someday.

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