Date: 10-05-2020

Today is Sunday. Entire World is celebrating Mother’s Day. I have lost my mother 8 years ago. Today is the day everyone is remembering their mother. I am remembering many Nostaljia with my mother.

But the situation in my state and country are becoming grim.Covid-19 Pandemic is taking it’s toll.In West Bengal 185 people had died so far.In Kolkata atleast 1000 people are affected. No one knows what will be the situation.The only solution is Testing,Tracing & Isolation.Govt Machinery both Centre and State are trying their level best.But if the infection spreads much faster,no one knows what will happen.The entire Health Care system will be collapsed.

Another issue is the sorry state of affairs of Migrant Workers.Both Centre and West Bengal Govt are fully responsible.The Central Government had took it as granted by announcing Lock Down so hurriedly.West Bengal Government is as usual playing to the Gallery.No one realise,they are ours fellow citizens.Aurangabad incident proves my point.

But we have to hope against hope.One day we the humans will overcome the situation.

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I am Anjan.I am a freelancer.I am trying to write day to day human issues.I want to highlight issues related to 'Mother Earth' as well.

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