A tribute to ‘Lady With The Lamp’

Today is 12th May.Today is the 200th Birth Anniversary of Lady With The Lamp-Florence Nightingale and founder of Modern Nursing.Her relevance today cannot be understated given Current Covid-19 pandemic all over the world.

Nightingale(1820-1910) who had considerable mathematical & statistical skills is credited the first health care professional to use data to show infection control improves with health outcomes.Throughout her career she stressed a practice that is more relevant to Covid-19 pandemic is Handwashing.

In 1851 she had began her study on Nursing.In those days Nursing was not considered a respectable profession.Her significance came during the Crimean War(1854-56).She was posted as a superintendent of a Female Nursing Establishment of English General Hospital in the Turkey.This was where she earned the nama ‘Lady With The Lamp,’ for walking patient beds at night,holding a lamp.

She was the student of Statistics and Mathematics.In this establishment she encountered the disease of Cholera and Typhus.

She collected data,calculated mortality rate and showed that on sanitary methods would reduce the number of deaths.The mortality rate dropped from 60 percent to 42.7 by February 1855 and 2.2 percent by the Spring.

She used her data to create graphics,the most famous is Pole area diagram that used areas to represent variations in death rate.

In the context of Covid-19 there has been a large difference in death rates between countries.Statistical Analysis will show which did best and what mistakes of countries made.

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