As the world engages in a grim battle to curtail the spread of Corona virus,and the bilions of people stay indoors,there has been one clear winner throughout the globe-Nature.

Clear blue skies,rare animal sittings and the breath of fresh air just some of the consequences.

AQI(Air Quality Index):-clear blue skies and empty roads the rarest of rare sights in the Delhi,which is known for places jam-packed with people with the lockdown in place,the pollution levels of Delhi saw a drastic fall recently.The city which had an Air Quality Index(AQI) ranging from 500-600 in Winters saw an AQI as low as 50.


The sudden drop in pollution levels across the globe also had to bo a positive effect on the Ozone layer with a third of world population stuck at home,the Ozone layer finally got some breathing space.According to ‘Nature’ the well known Scientific Journal full healing of the Ozone layer might be possible in coming time.

ANIMAL ON STREETS:-The new peace and calm in the cities has also brought out the wildlife.In many parts of India animals such as Deers,Nilgai and Leopards were spotted venturing into residential areas.

In Italy water is crystal clear in the Venice.Swams are swimming into the world famous canals.Tortoise are laying theirs eggs in the Coast of Orissa in large numbers.

In Kolkata Dolphins are playing in the Ganges at their will.

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