Pandemic:-The on going pandemic is hitting life across the globe-toppling structures and economics in its wake.Here how Corona Virus could change our political economy.

2)Lockdown in light of the spreading virus, the country went on a total lockdown from Mar-25 barring essential services-meaning no movements unless you provide on of the exempted services.

Jobs restricting movements means working class across the country close to 400 millon people-is heavily affected.Work from home is a luxury.Only few jobs offer,the rest of the work force faces major uncertainty.

4)Long term impact-The hit’s Indian labour work force has the first time,been hard by the state’s decision making and they will remember it once all of this dies down.

5)Economic hit worse than pandemic.

All said and done,Indian economy relies on unorganised sector while the pandemic could take many lives,it is also simultaneously taking livelihoods,ones that have been many families sole support.

6)Uncertainty ahead:-

All those factors mean that even when the pandemic eventually dies down,struggle and class conflict it is causing might not go away-leaving the nation reeling and to deal with it for the foreseeable future.

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