LOCKDOWN DIARY(Significance and importance of National Technology Day)


Life is as usual going on.But today is a important day for all Indians.Today is the ‘National Technology Day’.On this day in the year 1998 during the Buddha Purnima at Pokhran India had exploded 5 Atom Bombs successfully.

One of the explotion was Hydrogen Bomb.Previously India had tried it but due to the presence of Spy Sattellites of USA,they had shelved the ambition. Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee after elected as a Prime Minister of India,gave a free hand to the scientists.The scientists had observed the spy sattellite came to his servilence mission dailly once a day on a fixed period on India. Indian scientists had fixed a time when there was no servilence on India by Spy satellites and they had used it very intelligently. However later the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) had denied it and said 6 hours before the test they did observe the Indian activity but due to some misterious circumstsnces they did not issue any alert.Whatever the claims are four things did happen.

1)India did become the sixth Nuclear Power and the Nuclear Non Prolifileration Treaty(NPT)Regime was totally collasped.

2)American confidence & supremacy on spy sattellite servilence and imagery had totally exposed.

3) Exposed Pakistan with Chinese help on secret Nuclear Mission against India.The very next day Pakistan exploded 7 Nuclear Tests.Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff declared Pakistan as a Nuclear State.USA had imposed santions both Pakistan and India.But Pakitani economy could not bear the santion.The Civilian Goverment of Nawaz Shariff had overthrown by Military Junta led by Parvez Musharraf.Later Musharraf became most poweful man in Pakistan.

4)On the other hand India had imerged with reniewed confidence.Because American sanction had made no impact on India Economy.India had issued bonds to the NRI(s).With the help NRI overseas remmittances Indian Economy did able to negate the US sanctions on India.

The entire exercise of Nuclear Explotion was called as ‘Operation Shakti’.

The Central Government led by Mr A.B.Vajpayee had done this entire exercise with sheer professionalism and mastery was highly Commendable.Their forsightedness and understanding to tackle the post explotion tremours was also highly regarded in all quaters.

Finally with the light of this mammoth exercise,we only hope,one day we will beat Covid-19 as well.

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