In a bizarre incident, a bear gave a surprise visit to a man who was sleeping by the poolside. Yes, you read that right. A video of the exact moment has surfaced on the internet and has gone viral.

Shared on Facebook by a user named Dawn Bete, the video shows her husband Matt sleeping by the pool on a sun-lounger. He was in a deep sleep when a bear entered the pool area. At first, the animal explored the pool and had a sip of water from it. Then, it went closer to the napping man.

After sniffing the man’s foot, the bear gently touched it. And that’s exactly when the man woke up to realise that a bear was roaming around him. What happened next? Well, watch the video:

The moment the man woke up, the bear ran away from the scene.

Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 40k views. Netizens had a lot to say and they flooded the comments section to express their thoughts. “I love how the bear touched him to see if he was okay, and then ran away (sic),” a user commented. “Awww… poor bear got startled (sic),” wrote another user.

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