Maxicharger is based in Europe’s main market, starting from London, UK, and gradually opening up to Europe and other countries, fully opening the Maxicharger mobile charging rental platform, multi-language platform.


70% mobile user always face the low battery power in the outside. 95% mobile user have to carry the charge cable and charge plug during travelling. Just Scan and grab a sharing power bank from our network stations and return it to wherever.

We could install a power bank machine in your venue for free. Let your customer enjoy more longer time in your venue.

The NINE reasons for choosing us


  1. Advert Publicity: the merchant can freely upload their product photos to our APP platform, users can see the merchants’ information on the map in our APP
  2. Precision in Target Audience: Merchant can place adverts on out APP with chosen target audience (age, gender, location)
  3. Promotion: Merchants can promote freely on our platform
  4. Receive Commission: Receive commission when merchants recommend our platform to friends to buy the power bank cabinets
  5. Revenue Sharing: Receive shared revenue through selling or renting out power banks (only applicable to merchants who has bought the power banks)
  6. Value-Added Service: Provide value added service for the customers
  7. Attract More Customers: Attracting any passers-by who needs a power bank, increasing the amount of customers
  8. Advertisement Gift: Gift of £20 advert fees
  9. Apply for agency:Merchants can apply for agency rights priorly
  10. The sharing power bank is also an excellent advertising platform for business and customers. We will provide the multiway to promotion
  11. your business and increase the customer flow. The more stay and the more profit.
    • 90% of mobile users worry about low battery, will feel anxious when less than 50% of the electricity.
    • With classic power bank, the wiring is not convenient.
    • High-frequency smartphones consume battery fast.
    • More than 40% mobile user charge more than 3 times a day.


    Invest a sharing power bank machine and collect the more profit.


    As the business owner, why not provide the excellent charge service for your costomers and earn the profit at the same.


    Improve the customer experience in your venue, stay longer time and spend more!

    • Easy set up, just plug in and ready to work
    • No labour cost
    • Headoffice provide warranty


    • Smart advertising platform 
    • Remote backend management platform
    • Collect profit in real time


    Charging Slots 24 Power banks
    2.Regular Colors:White,Blue
    3.Weight: 32kg
    4.Input Voltage: 230V AC, 50-60HZ/0.5A
    5.Standby power consumption 5W
    6.Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC/RCM


    Total size: 165cm(H) 34cm(W) 23cm(D)

    Base size: 47cm(W) 38cm(D)


    1.48 Charging Slots 48 Power banks
    2.Regular Colors:White,Blue
    3.Weight: 65kg
    4.Input Voltage: 230V AC, 50-60HZ/0.5A
    5.Standby power consumption 5W
    6.Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC/RCM


    Total size: 190cm(H) 62cm(W) 23cm(D)

    Base size: 72cm(W) 40cm(D)


    The network station


    Size: 18*20*25cm
    Power: 5W(Idle), 40W (Max)





            ImageStor House
            Unit 1 Palace Gates

            Bridge Road
            London N22 7SN

    Tel: 020-88896359






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