A Tribute to My Mother

Today is Mothers’ Day. I had lost my mother on Aug-5,2012.I belong to a Lower Middle Class family in the Eastern Parts of India in the State of West Bengal.I think my mother is special to me.Specially after her death I have realise the most.She was very soft-spoken lady and was hide her emotion to me very often.

My father was very anxious that I should learn day to day marketing,during my off day at Sunday.I had tried to escape from it.My mother came to me and said’It is your father’s wish,please honour it’.I had not other option but to fulfil my Parents Wish.

One day I was very angry with some family issues,she came to me with a plate with some rice & curry during the lunch time.I kicked the plate infront of her.She told me with anger ‘One day you will realise the importance this Rice Thally,during the Lunch’.Before the lockdown I was realising it in my life.

One day when I was just 5 to 6 years old during lunch time I was angry the lunch she was giving to me was vegetarian one.She told me with tears pouring from her two eyes,’Please take it’.I took the lunch immediately.

As my upbringing was done on typically Bengali Indian family, she said to me you will realise what a true parent does to their Children,When you would become Parent.Today I am the Proud father of Two daughters,one is 11 years old and other is Six years old and fully realise the inner meaning of it.

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