My Diary during lockdown


Today I got up from bed around 8 P.M. No office. No busyness.Every thing seems to be halted.I was out to collect dailly necessities such as Milk,Biscuit,Curd etc. Today is the Birthday of Lord Buddha. No question of non-vegetarian lunch. My locality has declared hotspot zone. Shops are closing around 10 A.M.Horible news of Vishakapatanam accident is coming.Reminds me 1984 Bhopal Accident.Life is so cheap country like us.No one knows when we will die.

But Covid-19 make us nervous.Infection is spreading fast. No medicine,no vaccine. We are helpless. Density of population in our state is very high. News channels are highlighting only Covid-19 news.Deaths are increasing.But we have to fight back.Hope against Hope.

Published by Sima Sarkar

I am Anjan.I am a freelancer.I am trying to write day to day human issues.I want to highlight issues related to 'Mother Earth' as well.

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