In this period of Covid-19 & Lockdown there has been a significant rise in online scams related to Covid-19.

Here are some of the important points to be remembered:-

#Stealing personal data:-You should not disclose your personal data to any untrusted site or links- e.g Address,A/C No, Credit card-Debit card Pin etc.

#Fake offers of good & services:-We should alert some massive offers & discounts from any untrusted sites, undisclosed identify and unknown links.

#Impersonation of Authorities:-Beware of impersonation of govt organisation like Ministry of Health & Family Welfare(MOHFW) & Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR) offering Covid-19 information.

#Fradulent Medical Offers:-Beware of fraudulent medical offer e.g. Cures,Test Kits,Hand Sanitiser & Mask that will never arrive.

#Fake requests of Charitable donation:-Beware of Donations to support Covid-19 Pandemic relief from untrusted sites, undisclosed identify & unknown links.

How to avoid COVID-19 Scams;-

*Do not click any unknown links.

*Do not answer any unknown e-mails.

*Do not answer any automated calls.

*Do not respond any unknown & untrusted SMS.

*Check trusted source directly incase of Impersonation of Government Agency such as MOHFW or ICMR etc.

*Donate directly to charitable or non profit organization.

*Help others & share this information to avoid COVID-19 Scams.

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