In case you needed some cheering up today, we have just the perfect video for you that will instantly put a huge smile on your face. The video that we are talking about was shared on Twitter by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and it shows an orphaned baby rhino sleeping with a comfort blanket.


Sheldrick Trust recently tweeted a clip of an orphaned baby rhino sleeping in his shed with his comfort blanket resting on top of him. The trust revealed that the baby rhino, named Apollo, was rescued a year ago, and ever since then his love for his blankie, that is actually a mattress, has never faltered. He uses the blanket to cover his head like a tent while sleeping, and this adorable detail brought a smile on our face.

heldrick Wildlife Trust shared the clip with the caption, “Orphaned black rhino Apollo might have grown apace since he was first rescued a year ago but his love for his comfort blanket (read mattress), which he hoists over his head like a tent, is just as strong (sic).”

The 17-second-long video shows baby Apollo sleeping in his shed with his comfort blanket wrapped securely on him. After the clip was posted, it instantly went viral and managed to garner more than 9.5k views and 1.5k likes. Several netizens took to the comments section to shower their love for Apollo.

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