Put on your training shoes and get going with these pre-natal exercises. But follow these guidelines

Make sure you have added these exercises to your fitness regime

If you plan to run a 10K, you put in 3 months of training to get to the point, right? If you plan to hike up a mountain, you pack in strength training into your daily routine, no question about it. So why not prepare and train for what is likely to be the most physically gruelling day of your life? Yes, mommies-to-be, you have seen the birthing video so you know the big day you are heading towards. But wait don’t panic and bury your face in that ice cream bucket yet. Yes, labour can be painful and it can be very scary, but it doesn’t have to be any of those things. With regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle you could actually prepare your body for the big event and help your mind keep calm even as labour kicks in.

So, mommies in the making put on your training shoes and get going with these pre-natal exercises. However, remember as with everything, please assess the level of your fitness for yourself and don’t put excess strain on your body. If required you can also check with a fitness expert or your gynaecologist before starting any exercise program.


It is important to keep your muscles stretched and flexible during pregnancy

Exercises During Pregnancy For An Easy Labour

Here are some exercises ever pregnant woman should embrace:

1. Walking

This is one form of exercise that requires no training or preparation, and can be done at any stage in your pregnancy. So mommy, chalk out that half an hour stroll for yourself post meal times or early in the morning depending on when you feel most energetic and watch yourself get fitter and happier.

2. Squats

This is a great exercise to add to your routine especially in the later months of your pregnancy. You can perform this exercise by keeping your feet hip width apart and holding out a chair in front of you. Slowly squat down and after holding for a couple of breaths rise back up. Repeat this 8 – 10 times in the beginning and then you can complete 3 sets of 8 reps once you are used to the intensity of the exercise and have found your balance

3. Swimming

Its fun, it’s the one time you wont feel your body weight and it is completely relaxing. Do you need more reasons to swim during pregnancy? This is a completely safe exercise routine if you have been a swimmer, and helps your muscles work without feeling the fatigue. Besides it’s a great cardio workout while making sure you are not running out of breath. So go ahead and make a splash

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