Puppies enjoy their snacks like nothing else, especially if it is crunchy. If you wish to begin Tuesday with an absolutely adorable clip of a puppy, read on. Welcome To Nature, a Twitter account that posts feel-good videos of babies and animals, tweeted a clip of a puppy and it has gone viral with 15,000 views within an hour of being made available online. We aren’t surprised though.

In the clip, a white, fluffy and furry Samoyed puppy indulged in his snack – a delicious, crunchy red apple. He placed the fruit in between his paws and took small bites and relished every piece of it.

In fact, this particular clip is so cute that we are sure you will end up watching it on loop. At least, we did.

“A cute Samoyed puppy eating an apple,” Welcome To Nature said in the caption of their post.

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