Time-and-again we come across videos of rare sea creatures on Twitter and they leave us shook. One such video of a sea creature crawling on the sea bed in Bali has been doing the rounds on the internet and it is scaring everyone.

The clip that we mentioned above was shared by the Twitter handle Nature Is Scary. They tweeted the video with the caption, “Strange creature found on the sea floor in Bali (sic).” And that is exactly what it is – a strange creature.

The spooky 15-second video shows a transparent gelatinous creature walking on the sea bed in Bali. The creature had various lobes. At one point the it opened and expanded its mouth and then brought it back to the normal size.

On further research, we found that the video was originally filmed in 2016 but has gone viral once again. The creature in the clip goes by the name of Melibe Viridis. These creatures are carnivorous sea slugs. It has an expandable hood, which is an oral veil, that these creatures use for hunting.

This clip went viral as soon as it was shared and was viewed over a million times. It also garnered a lot of comments and retweets, have a look at some of them:

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