It is the largest bay in the world over 500 million people live on the coastal rim surrounds it.This is also the hot bed of majority of tropical cyclone in the world history.

At a glance:-

#Historically 8 out of 10 deadliest tropical cyclone in the world have originated over Bay of Bengal.

#It occupies 0.6% of global ocean area but it is responsible for 50% of cyclone related deaths.

#Cyclone Amphan formed over Saturday evening & intensified in to a super cyclone just 36 hours.

#26 out of 35 deadliest tropical cyclones have occurred here.


The worst places for storms & surges say meteorological experts,tend to shallow, concave bays,water pushed by strong winds of a tropical cyclone gets concentrated & funneled as stroms moves up the bay.High sea temperature triggers extremely strong cyclone.It is probably very warm sea & in sea surface temperature is about 28°C.

Amphan:-It has developed a super cyclone affecting West Bengal, Orissa and neighbouring Bangladesh, atleast 84 people had lost their lives 72 in West Bengal & 12 in Bangladesh.It had brought Strom surge up to 40 feet.Wind speed during land fall was 155- 165 kmph and on gusting it was around 185 kmph.

Extensive damage of property across the state from North & South 24 Parganas,East & West Midnapore,Howrah, Hooghly & Kolkata.

Over 5000 🌲 and hundreds of signal posts & lamp posts uprooted in the city,Salt Lake & Newtown & waterlogging across the city.

Crop loss: Standing Paddy in 30000 hectares in East Burdwan,10000 hectares in Hooghly & 10000 hectares in West Midnapore approximately.Extensive damages in vegetables in North & South 24 Parganas,Howrah & Hooghly.Several roads still remain cut off due to uprooted trees, lampposts & signal posts.Electricity and telecom services both mobile & landline has not been restored so far in many parts of the city after 72 hours of the storm.City life becomes miserable specially for children and elderly.

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