This is a story of a Knotty boy.Time was in mid ’80’s.The place was Eastern Parts of India.In those days flat culture was totally absent in that parts of India.Every house in that area had a vaccant land with 1 to 2 kottahs atleast.In that vaccant land familes used to grow vegetables.The family of Knotty boy was no exception of that.They used to grow Cabbage,Cauliflower,Brinjal etc for their dailly consumption. A gardener was employed by the family.His name was ‘Deben’.He was given a monthly remunation.They shared their produce with 50:50 ratio.Deben was also served with a cup of tea everyday.One day Deben was cherishing a cup of tea and the boy was drinking a glass of water.Suddenly the boy thought what would happen If I put some water to the tea.He did that and Deben was shouting,’what are you doing?’.The mother of boy rushed to the spot and said what happened?Deben said nothing,’we are just joking’.Thus Deben saved the boy from possible harsh punishment.

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