This is a story of a old man of Eastern Parts of India.It was the time of early ’90s’. In those days there was the problem of getting a LPG connection.The family had in the queue for last 10 years.At last they had got a call from local Gas Agengy.But they got the connection not their own name but from the name of Mr R Ali who was the Executive of the B.B. Ltd a premier Public Sector company.On the penalimate day the Gas Agency executive asked the old man’Are you working with B&G Ltd!’ The man replied ‘No’.The next day the daughter of the old man who had recently joined in a Govt Service,approached to Mr Ali and told’Please help me’.My father could not tell a simple lie.My father told to me now ‘I am 65 years of old,at this age how can I tell a lie’.The women had strucked a deal for Rs 500/-.Next day Mr Ali went to Gas Agency office and the family got the connection.

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