The policy makers argue that lockdown has successfully reduced the spread of pandemic.

However some critics argue it has failed miserably but what does the truth lie?

The Politics of Lockdown:-The Impact of lockdown & Corona Pandemic should not be looked in isolation.They are witnessed political & humanitarian effects, including,hunger, unemployment,an unprecedented migrant worker crisis & loss of access to healthcare.But this crisis could have been averted with proper planning.

#The relation between policy makers & people has been oversimplified.The policy makers expect people will comply all the rules & restrictions, they are making.But ground reality is totally different.

#Secondly:- The Union Government has localised both diseases & politics.

Central Government is taking a more symbolic & supervisory role.”Dashboards of performance”in different states shifts perceptions of responsibility & place the pressure is on the state governments.The concern state government becomes villian when they have failed to control disease.The blame game continues & encourage state government to manipulate data including finding ways to under report Covid-19 infections & deaths.

Lockdown & spreading of disease:-

#First:-Lockdown can effect to slowdown transmission of disease, roughly there is some physical distancing but people move freely.

It only localises the disease roughly,there are restrictions on movements,but no additional physical distancing.

Impact of lockdown:-The reduction in transmission in examining statewide data there was significant regional variations.In some state initial transmission was rapid but lockdown had a bigger impact.

#Second:-The way that lockdown localised the disease led to a very different patterns of infections in different states.We can see this pattern of statewise data and widely varying level of infection that different groups of migrant workers carried when some eventually able to return home.

Finally the message is that lockdown eventually stopped new outbreaks & consequently greatly reduced numbers & lifting restrictions on movements leads after some delay to more rapid spread of disease.

Are critics against lockdown wrong?

They argue that lockdown has failed to slowdown Covid-19 infections.But this is somewhat true, moreover it is a blunt instrument,poorly planned & cruelly implemented.This lead to lot of unnecessary miseries which continue today.

Another point is lockdown has slowed the disease but not able to contain it.

All of a sudden if we return pre lockdown era it may increase the disease rapidly.

Finally is there any lesson we could learn?

#Data should be transparent.It should not be fudged.Data fudging is widespread in both Centre & States.As a result tasks of monitoring the pandemic are becoming harder & harder.

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