While there are various types of pranayama, bhramari pranayama in yoga helps in increasing the production of nitric oxide by 15 times

Yoga Benefits: Why you should practise bhramari pranayama

Bhramari is a phonatory respiratory exercise, which scientifically accelerates the release of nitric oxide – a gas molecule and key biological messenger that plays a significant role in metabolic processes at the cellular level. Nitric oxide accelerates the micro circular of blood by dilatation and release of spasm of peripheral blood vessels, hence controls blood pressure. It is omnipresent; present in every cell of body. It helps in better neural transmission and enhancement of memory. It affects apoptosis (ageing), reproduction, lipolysis (obesity) regulation of body metabolism (B.M.R.) and host defence. Nitric oxide also controls the hormonal secretion that inhibits prolactin, catecholamine, cortisol and insulin resistance. By this we can understand that by simple release of nitric oxide, we can control, transform and rejuvenate our body and mind and get rid of various illnesses.

Coming to yoga, this ancient form of exercising is known to benefit the body in many ways. Pranayama, which refers to breathing exercises, can help various functions of the body. While there are different types of pranayama, bhramari pranayama is known for its effectiveness. It is proved that humming (bhramari) increases the production of nitric oxide by 15 times. And when we do bhramari (humming) in a relaxed, amused state adding khechri mudra and shanmukhi mudra, the advantage is many folds.

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Pranayama can help in strengthening nervous system

The Benefits Of Bhramari Pranayama

To understand the benefit of modified bhramari pranayama, you should know the yoni mudra. Mudras refer to hand gestures that help to stimulate the various forms of energy within the body. You can perform bhramari pranayama in a sitting position, which is called sidhasana. Or combine it with other mudras to further elevate the experience and get liberation from the root cause of psychosomatic disorders including bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndromes, diabetes, hypertension, impotency and infertility.

Khechri mudra is synonym of bhrama chakra, which activates 84 meridian points of pranic healing. It releases serotonin, dopamine, encephalin and changes the chemical composition of pineal gland hypothalamus pituitary, parasympathetic nervous and capable of curing 203 illnesses. If you add sambhavi drishti that is focused concentration on solar plexus (ajna chakra), it activates parasympathetic nervous system (ida nadi) and the pineal gland.

There is extended exhalation during bhramari and if after exhalation one keeps holding the breath out to maximum comfortable duration, it increases the carbon dioxide level and acts as carbogen therapy. It dilates peripheral blood vessels, revitalises the neurons and supplements nitric oxide action.


There is extended exhalation during bhramari​

The Technique To Performing Bhramari Pranayama

  • Patient is instructed to take a slow deep abdominal breath, lift the tongue and press on hard palate in Khechari Mudra.
  • Hold the breath in, blow the cheek for better echo, close both ears with thumbs of both hands keeping them on concha and simultaneously blocking the ears.
  • Both eyes are gently closed by index finger. The tip of index finger should rest on the lateral wall of nose.
  • Both middle fingers are put on base of ala of nose.
  • Mouth is closed on both sides, upper lip by ring fingers and lower lip by little fingers.
  • Both eyes are focused in shambhavi drishti at the Ajna Chakra in between both eyebrows.
  • A constant rhythmic uninterrupted specific frequency sound (mouth closed jaw relaxed) is generated.
  • During humming, the whole body is getting charged and you are full of energy. Visualise and feel the energy. After complete exhalation, hold the breath out; Vahya Kumbhak is enforced.
  • Keep holding the breath out as long as possible, simultaneously give a command to brain that my whole body is revitalising. I am relaxed, I am healthy, I am happy and feel the happiness and wellness along with increase vitality.

To conclude, simple humming in relaxed mode lowers the blood pressure and insulin resistance. Modified Bhramari improves concentration power, improves speech discrimination and by virtue of going into alpha brain wave state increases grasping power though a long run exercise if done properly rejuvenate and transform the body mind and soul.

Courtesy:- Dr. MK Taneja

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