There are a lot of creatures deep in the ocean that are still unknown to the humans or very little information is available about them. Often, videos of such creatures surface on the internet and become a sensation.

The recent videos and images to go viral like this are of a species called Gooseneck Barnacle. The post was shared on Facebook by Martyn Green with the caption, “Know how you all love things weird and wonderful. This gooseneck barnacle-covered log washed up on a Welsh beach yesterday. So rare. Mesmerising to watch. Gemma Green (sic).”

According to multiple reports, Martyn and his family were on a vacation. They were walking on the shores of Caernarfon in North Wales when they came across, what they thought was, a weird looking piece of log.

On a closer look, they realised that there were thousands of strange-looking creatures attached to the wood. On further research, the family realised that the creatures were called Gooseneck Barnacle and are rare.

They also found out that these rare creatures are a delicacy in areas of Portugal and Spain and are very expensive.

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