The Covid-19 virus is nothing like we have experienced before.It has driven the entire world home,brought all activity economic and otherwise to a grinding halt and claimed over 3 lakh lives given that it is new a strain with little information available and no vaccine in sight the fear it has inspired is unprecedented.

But what to do if we catch the virus.

Some tips may help you:- The virus can range from mild illness to pneumonia.In severe cases there is difficulty in breathing which requires hospitalization.The system are same across age groups but severity of illness differs.Young kids have milder symptoms while adults who 60 and above with comorbidies such as diabetes and other chronic illness have more complications.

Common symptoms are fever,dry cough,head ache,body ache,sore throat, breathlessness, nausea, vomiting and stomach upsets.

Asymptotic Transmission:-It refers to spread of viruses from a person who does not develop any symptoms.More than 80 percent cases in India are asymptomatic.No one knows when asymptomatic develops a symptom.

Testing Process:-The Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR) test is reliable and reveals if anyone is positive even if there are no symptoms.

Patients with mild symptoms no need to hospitalization unless they develop the symptom of breathlessness.

Care in home:-*Maintain personal hygiene

*Eat clean,home cooked food.

*Drink plenty of water

*Watch any breathing difficulty while doing routine chores.

*If you have low fever or breathing difficulty take medicine for fever.

Family & neighbours:-

#Maintain social distancing at all times and wear mask inside and outside the house.

#This infection largely spreads through droplets,main precautions for family members include strict hand hygiene.Do not stay in the same room with suspected patients.

#You should be observed in home quarantine for 14 days.

WHAT IF I AM POSITIVE:-Depending on your symptom you will be advised either to a Covid Care Centre (CCC), Dedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC) and Dedicated Covid Hospital (DCH).

Cost of treatment and how long it take to recover.

Cost depend upon severity of infection.Time taken for recovery is variable.If there is no complication average is 10 days.

Post recovery phase:-

It depends on the severity of the disease.Higher the lungs involvent,the more delayed the recovery.However most recover completely with in three weeks.

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