This recipe gives the yummy bananas and apples a spicy and crunchy twist. You must give these apple and banana pakodas a try!

These apple and banana pakodas are soft from inside and crunchy from outsideHighlights

  • Pakodas are a delight to relish.
  • Banana and apple pakodas will provide a burst of flavours to your palate
  • You must give this recipe a try!

Come winters and we crave for everything crunchy, greasy and decadent. And the one dish that promptly comes to our mind is pakoda (or fritters). A hot cup of chai, with a plate of crispy pakodas, makes for an ultimate pair in a chilly winter evening. And the best part is, there’s no end to the list of fritters we get during this season. From the regular peyaj ke pakode to the seasonal dhania pakoda, methi pakoda, gobi pakoda and more – the list of this crispy delight goes long. It is quick, easy and literally needs bare minimum ingredients for preparation. All you need to do is, coat your favourite veggies with a spicy besan batter and fry. And a plateful of pakoda is ready to be relished.

But have you ever heard of fruity pakodas? Pakoda made with fruits sounds interesting, right! Here we bring you one such pakoda recipe that is made of bananas and apples. The recipe has been shared by vlogger Manjula Jain on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’.

How To Make Apple And Banana Pakoda:

While banana fritter or pazham pori is a popular appetiser in Kerala, this particular recipe gives a spicy twist to the traditional recipe. Here the batter is prepared with besan, corn starch, salt, cumin, black pepper, amchoor powder, sugar, chopped coriander leaves and green chillies. To this, you need to add banana slices and fry. But make sure, the bananas shouldn’t be over-ripe. Alongside the bananas, add apple slices (cut into rounds) to the same batter and fry.

These apple and banana pakodas are sweet and soft from inside and crunchy and spicy from outside and provides a flavourful experience with every bite. Trust us, this recipe is worth giving a try!

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