A Critical Review


The Covid-19 & Lockdown offered companies to pros & cons of this concept and long-term perspective of it.A majority of people in organised sector is continuing to Work From Home (WPH) during lockdown.

IT sector is generally familiar with this concept and for the other sector employees it is relatively a new experience.

It has some specific advantages:-

#Saves time & money.

#No dailly travel to office.

#Eat home cooked meals.

#Stay close to loved ones.

#Beneficial for women employees.

#Save Real Estate expenses.

IT sector employees work from home have a significant numbers compare to other sector employees.

But the Covid-19 & lockdown has changed everything.


#The concept sounds good but in reality it is something else.

#Country like India lack reliable power & telecommunication infrastructure.

#Data leaks may be a distinct possibility.

#Data security & client privacy are need to be focused.

Example:-Danske IT a subsidiary of Dankse Bank found it is too advantageous.They claim they have passed the test with flying colours.The 1400 strong team comprising technologists & people in support functions began work from home.Work life balance improved for some employees and company contributed to reduce traffic congestion.

But country like India Work From Home(WFH) is still a taboo.It is believed that employees working from home are not committed to the organisation in comparison to others who are working from office.As a result most companies in India are rigid to their policy on WPH.You are allowed to work from home only if there is a urgent need of it.In some cases this concept may not bear desired results specially for new & fresh recruits.

Another concern is employees can take second job/assignment side by side which could affect their productivity.

Their may be a feeling of isolation as office culture vibes the energy of colleagues when they come together in a office space.

Their may be a possibility of meeting fatigue over video calling.

Companies invest lots of money & time to develop a work culture on its own and it cannot be sustained from WPH.

During Covid-19 and lockdown period it may be beneficial now.But after post lockdown period the concern raised of some of the issues need to be addressed.

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